Monthly Archives: December 2012

Preparing for 365 Days of House Cleansing

Okay- So I got an early start on my 365 days of house “cleansing”…  Yesterday I started going through my master bedroom closet and cleared all the junk – yes, junk – that I have been stepping over for the last few months.  I will admit it – my closet looked like a hurricane hit it…several times.

I had a box full of Arbonne products sitting in a corner, that I rummage through every time I ran out of something.  I had a basket full of Arbonne samples that I would use when traveling as well.  Shoes, sandals, boots, etc. were not in their proper place.  One positive – I NEVER threw/throw my clothes on the floor!  I just don’t understand how someone does that.  Dirty clothes go in the hamper – period.  🙂

Okay – so I got my floor cleaned, and shoes organized yesterday (I only got rid of one pair of sandals… I know – but I got rid of a lot of shoes a couple years ago and have been really good about not buying new ones until I really need them, and I have to throw a pair out to get a replacement).

Today, I started on going through my clothes.  I actually found a jacket/skirt combo that I bought back in the early 90’s that still had its tag on!  OMG!  I was spending money on things I “thought” I just had to have, only for them to sit in my closet for 20 years!!  Well, no more of that! No matter how “good” a buy it is!  Thankfully, I no longer live near my friend who helped me create such a habit.

So now what?  Well, I do have an Ebay account and so my plan is to put stuff on Ebay – for a minimum of 30 days to see if it will sell (yeah, I know – sort of like “repurposing”, huh)… Well not everything will go on Ebay first, most stuff will be sent off to Goodwill, or Joseph’s Coat (the church second hand shop).  Some things, like the “vintage” outfit (see how I made that 20 year old outfit sound enticing!) will go on Ebay first.  If it doesn’t sell – off to one of the donation centers it goes.

If I remember – I will post pictures (YIKES) of some of the stuff as I go…