Day 3 – Night Stand/Dresser

Do you ever just open a drawer and stick things in it when you are ready to go to sleep?  I have this bad habit – reading a book?  into the nightstand drawer, magazine?  same thing…

Today I am tackling the 4 drawer nightstand in the master bedroom.

Things I found in there – 2, yes 2, “throw away” kodak flash cameras (probably from back in 2003 ish).  One of them had some pictures already taken on it,  what, you ask??  Well, we will soon find out – but as in those days on by – we will have to wait as they will need to be processed the “old fashioned” way…  I did take some pictures of the pups with it – hoping that the film is still good.

As for the second camera – well – it is still in the sealed wrapping!!  So, what to do??  Maybe I will check out Ebay and see if there is a market for it.  🙂  I may just take it on a walk with me and take random pictures to be processed since I have no idea if the film is still any good…. speaking of which, I should probably check for an expiration date on the package, huh.

Other things I found – books, magazines (no surprise there), another old Canon 35MM camera, a nice one that I used to use a LOT. It took pretty darn good pictures too.  Wonder if there is a market on Ebay for that as well…  I found some pictures of an old (ex) boyfriend.  Mailing those off to him… cleansing the house includes cleansing my life and moving beyond the past.


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