Day 4 – Master Bedroom Dresser

Today I tackled 6 small dresser drawers in the master bedroom.

Things in these drawers: undies, bras, hosery, hankies (yes, I use cloth hankies…) a couple little clutch purses, a broken bud vase (a past maid broke it and then hid it in the drawer); I knew it was in there – I just have yet to get around to fixing it – and I don’t want to throw it away because it is a vase from my grandmother’s home (read centimental value)…

Unmentionables (that I mentioned above) are sorted, organized and old ones tossed in the trash.

I will be posting the little party clutch purses on ebay. Probably should have posted them out there BEFORE the holidays, oh well, we will see if they sell now.

DSCN3608 DSCN3597

I didn’t really clear that much out of these drawers (other than the purses and the vase) that was very bulky or created a lot of extra space, but everything is now nicely organized.


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