Days 5 & 6 More Dresser Drawers…

Yesterday I tackled three dresser drawers that contained shorts of various type (running, dress, casual), and some t-shirts.

I bagged up about a dozen shorts for goodwill, along with three or four short summer skirts that I haven’t worn in years.  The t-shirts were refolded and placed in one of the two drawers that I keep all my t-shirts in, with the intention of going through those today… but I ended up finishing a book I had started reading yesterday instead.

I did go through my “sock drawer” today, getting rid of just a few socks, but the drawer is re-arranged, all socks are paired and what I have in there I do use.  I also have a drawer of hosery that really needs to be cleaned out… that will be my goal for tomorrow, along with the t-shirt drawers before I head off to the Notre Dame vs. Alabama game watch for the BCS National Championship.



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