Day 7 – T-shirts

Just how many Notre Dame T-shirts can one own?  Well, at current count I have 50 (some are even “duplicates”!).  Yes, 50… and that isn’t counting the golf shirts that I have from past local ND Club golf outings, or cotton button downs with the ND logo on them (at least 3 of those…).  🙂

The number of non ND t-shirts I have is dwarfed by the ND t-shirts.  I think I have less than 10 of those, and will be getting rid of at least 5 of them.

T-shirts are actually items I am most likely to “repurpose”.  I use them as part of some of my sewing projects.  Last year I made a changing pad out of an old ND t-shirt for a fellow alum who was having a baby.  🙂  I also made a t-shirt quilt (though the shirts for that were not all mine, and mostly donated by another alum) and only used 9 t-shirts.


This thing took FOREVER to make – just getting the layout the way I wanted it was very time consuming.  Not sure I will do this again, but you never know…. I do have a LOT of ND t-shirts!

In all, my pile of t-shirts removed from the dresser and tagged for either “repurposing” or donation is about 15.  It is amazing how much room 15 t-shirts take up!


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