Day 8 – Bathing suits and workout clothes

I have three small dresser drawers that are packed tight with bathing suits (well, I do have a pool in the backyard), and workout clothes – running tops, biking shorts, etc.  A lot of this stuff I never wear anymore, not because I don’t swim, bike, workout, etc., but because, well… Once again, I have too much stuff shoved in the drawers and I usually just grab whatever is on top…

So, emptied all the drawers and sorted through all the stuff – getting rid of at least 5 bathing suits, a couple that the elastic has lost all its strech (can you say old??), and a bunch of tank tops used for workouts.

In total, another grocery bag (these things aren’t big and bulky) or so of things to throw out and/or give to goodwill.  🙂

I now have three drawers that are easily opened and closed and easy to find what I have in them.

Slowly and surely, I am feeling the weight of all this cluttered up stuff come off my shoulders.  It feels good to cleanse.


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