Day 9 -Utility Closet

Today was an easy ” clear the clutter” day.  I have a very small closet, sort of like a coat closet, that I use more as a utility closet.  I put my vacuums, ironing board and other such items in there. 

I also had a hanging luggage bag, one small overnight luggage piece, a marble chess set (board and pieces I bought in Mexico my senior year in high school) and a wooden chess board my brother Tim made me one year in his wood working class.  I also found a couple of surge protectors, some paper vacuum bags, and a couple of magnetic curtain rods.

What is going to Goodwill?  The luggage, vacuum bags ( my current vacuum is a bagless model) marble chess set.  I may hold on to the marble chess board and use it as a cutting board on the kitchen…but then, I haven’t started cleansing the kitchen yet…


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