Day 10 – Moving on to the Kitchen

Well, first I tackled a small drawer of a writing desk I have on the family room.



I also tackled six small drawers in the kitchen.

2 “junk”drawers
1 pot holder drawer
1 kitchen wraps drawer
1candles and flash light drawer
1 apron drawer

What I got rid of… 1 pot holder, a bunch of crumpled foil and scraps of parchment paper, old batteries, and a lot of “junk” from the junk drawers.  🙂

Tomorrow I plan to tackle the silverware drawer that has a lot more than just silverware in it.  🙂

After picture of the junk drawers



2 responses to “Day 10 – Moving on to the Kitchen

  1. I’m a little jealous of all your kitchen drawers; my kitchen has a total of 2 drawers. It’s not even that small of a kitchen – I think one of the previous owners was just opposed to them. Luckily, we plan to renovate sometime, and I will be adding all the drawers I can.

    • Ah, I find the more drawers I have, the more stuff I collect. I do love my kitchen, it is big and roomy. I just need to het the junk off the counters too