Day 12 – Kitchen Cabinet #1

My kitchen is going to take a LONG time (comparatively speaking) to “cleanse””. 

Not only do I have a pretty large kitchen, and so lots of cabinet space, both above and below the counter (not to mention the counters are full of clutter); add to that, they are quite full; and… well, I know I will have a hard time “letting go” of my kitchen stuff.

Yesterday was a big step forward when I got rid of all those knives… I had most of them for over 15 years!

Today’s plan is to tackle this kitchen cabinet.


Notice how nice and neat everything is?  That’s mostly because a lot of the stuff in there doesn’t get used very often (or at all, in reference to the top shelf…what is on those top shelves??).  The bottom 2 shelves hold my everyday dishes, and yes, that is a riser so I could fit even more in there; since the cabinets came with limited shelving.

Okay, I have a confession to make… About 10 years ago I actually MADE additional shelving for the upper cabinets, just so I could fit more stuff in them.  Can you say “hoarder”? 

One more confession… I started cleansing this cabinet yesterday and removed a set of espresso cups and saucers (set of 6)


along with a set of 4 clear glass coffee cups/saucers and 6 dessert plates. 

The former came with an espresso maker that is long gone (I did get a lot of use from that, and it cost a mere $25-30).  The latter are dishes from an everyday set I bought, but most of those dishes are broken.  I do have 3 remaining dinner plates, and still use them, so only the cups, saucers and dessert dishes will make their way out of the house.

As for the espresso cup set, those are currently posted on ebday.  If they don’t sell in a month, they will be donated to the local resale shop.

So here is the cleansed cabinet

What? You say it doesn’t look like I got rid of much?

All this came out of that cabinet
Yes, you are seeing correctly…that is yet ANOTHER set of steak knives in a wooden block.

Also included in the extraction are
2 plastic serving plates. I use these to give cookies to friends. My friends keep returning them. I guess they want more baked goodies! 🙂 I will keep those and put them in a better location.

2 oil lamps.
2 sets of oil/vinegar diapensers
2 spread knives
1 fancy cork bottle top
2 mini bud vases better suited as a toothpick holder ( confession) I have a third that does hold toothpicks!)
2 spice bottles (I’ve been looking for those!)
1 sugar bowl, I use this
Large fancy eggplant shaped olive oil bottle
Holder for spread knives
Trivet made in Holland
Christmas plate
A tiny Indian pottery piece

Things I will keep…the spice bottles, spread knives (minus the holder) and the oil lamps. The rest gets a spin on ebay, and if not sold, donated to the resale shop.

Now on to the regular house cleaning…laundry vacuuming, dusting, etc…


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