Day 15 – YES, The Microwave is GONE!

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to post here.  It was a busy day.  Work 8 – 3, cleansing another kitchen counter top, 3 – 6 (which included a trip to the hardware store to pick up caulk for the kitchen counters), re-caulking all around the counter that I cleaned the last couple of days, and then re-caulking the third counter top area that I cleaned up yesterday; then off to dinner with friends that were in town from New York, New York.




Yes, the microwave is GONE!  About a month and a half ago, thanks to the inspiration of my friend Pai, I decided to see if I could cook without the use of my microwave oven (which happens to be from the 80’s – my first microwave my parents purchased for me when I had my first appartment).  It still works really well, actually, but after reading how microwaving food alters its molecular structure, I decided to see if I could really live without it.  You know what – I can!  Of course, I will miss the microwave popcorn, but I know how to make it on the stove top with a covered pot, so all is good.  🙂

I am also really excited to FINALLY have my key holder hanging on the wall!  It only took 15 years… The holder was a gift from a friend at my old employer Liberty Mutual, she gave it to me as a house-warming gift, but the eye on the back to hang it on the wall fell off.  Yesterday I finally got it replaced.  🙂


No more keys laying who-knows-where around the house… as long as I get in the habit of actually hanging them where they belong!


2 responses to “Day 15 – YES, The Microwave is GONE!

  1. So much extra space from not having a microwave on the counter! Good work!