Day 16 – The Island

If you haven’t noticed, there are no pictures of a stove top in any of my previous kitchen related posts.  That’s because I have built in double ovens (LOVE THEM!) and a kitchen island with a built in stove top.  I like having my stove top on the island, I just wish the island was bigger than it is.  Some day I will replace the counter top with a much larger one so there is much more space on the island than there is now.



A complete mess! I have some things on there that I have been “dancing around” for a while…  Not anymore!



That’s better, nice and clean!  See that Italian cookbook?  I really want to make some of the recipes in there!  Maybe soon, now that it isn’t burried any longer.

Don’t be fooled, though.  the stack of papers and books that were on the left, and the tray with stuff in it on the right… they were just relocated to the Den, where I will take on the task of going through all that stuff, shredding sensitive papers and recycling what I can, putting stuff on the tray in its proper place, or throwing it away…

Happy Cleaning!


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