Day 17 – How Old Are Your Medications??


DSCN3667 Rex wants to help clean the house.  (HA)

DSCN3668 Rex and Roxy decided it would be more fun to play outside than help me clean… Yes, Rex just likes to walk around carrying a towel.

Okay – so here is the “medicine cabinet” before shot

DSCN3717 What a mess!

I strongly suggest you go through your medicine cabinet at least once a year to clear out anything that has expired; otherwise, well you have a medicine cabinet that looks a lot like mine.


DSCN3718 I got rid of a LOT of expired stuff (over the counter medications, vitamins and suppliments).  Be sure to check the bottles for proper disposal of whatever medications you are getting rid of.

Here is a good place to start –

I also culled some of my “tupperware”.  A couple were cracked (into the trash they went), the others are off to the re-sale shop at the local church.

The next cupboard was easy…

DSCN3719 Didn’t have to do anything to this one!  Notice how I “color coordinate the towels?  Red/white on bottom shelf; Blue/Green on second…

It’s a nice day here in Houston – so off to do some work in the backyard… Happy Thursday!


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