Day 20 – Another Junk Drawer

I got to tell you – posting these before pictures is really hard – admitting that I allowed my cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. accumulate so much stuff (aka junk), and to add lack of organization to that, really is embarrassing.  At least I can take solice in the fact that I am doing something about it  and really getting things in better order and purging my house of all this clutter.  It really is “freeing” in a sense, to get rid of so much of this stuff that is just taking up space.

Here is what today’s drawer looked like – pre-cleanse:


Hard to see what was in there – lots of papers – a bunch of old lottery tickets, because you know, if you win that hundreds of millions dollar lottery, you need to have proof of your gambling losses in order to deduct them from your winnings… HA!  A couple boxes of checks and deposit slips, several boxes of playing cards, more headphones from Continenal flights, a bunch of books/boxes of  matches, just to name of few of the things lurking in this drawer.

Here is the post-cleanse drawer:


Much better!


2 responses to “Day 20 – Another Junk Drawer

  1. foodaddictionrecovery

    Don’t even worry about it. Most of our drawers look like that. Yesterday it took me two hours to clean out my yarn/fabric bin. I have new rules about that… nothing comes in until what I have is used and no starting a new project until I’ve finished with the one I’m working on. It does feel really good to declutter.

    • Yes, it is so hard to keep these drawers, and kitchen gadget drawers neat and tidy. I really need to find some, or probably make custom drawer dividers for my gadget drawers – they are next up for this year long cleansing project. Thank goodness I have today off, I will get a lot done today!