Days 19 The “Pencil Drawer”

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but I did do a bit of cleansing – The Pencil Drawer.  Do you have one?  You know, the drawer in your office, or in your kitchen where every writing utensil ends up. Cleaning out your purse and have a bunch of pens?  Into the pencil drawer they go.

This is what mine looked like before yesterday


Well, there is a lot more than just pencils in there… what is that paintbrush doing in there??  And the ziploc bag? It is full of pens, and was one of my previous attempts at organizing this drawer.  as you can see, apparently I have some sort of subconsious fetish for pens and pencils…

Here is an idea of how many pens and pencils were in that drawer


Here is a better look at all the other stuff that was in that drawer…. How in the world did I fit all this stuff in there, you ask?  Well apparently it is some sort of magic drawer – you know, like those clown cars… It was like a bottomless drawer… Missing from this picture is 4 – 5 headsets from Continental as well.


This is how it looks now


I allowed myself 10 – 12 pens/pencils for this drawer and put them in the box, so they don’t roll all over the drawer.  I am sure there will be a couple other things that end up in this drawer, but at least I will be keeping it organized and uncluttered.

As for that paintbrush, into the garage and into my paint supply box it went. Much of the other stuff from this drawer either ended up in the trash (old lipstick), in the bathroom vanity where it belongs (makeup I kept), in the donation pile (headsets), or in a box to be taken to the recycle location (electonic items).

I still have the box full of pens and pencils.  Going to spend an evening checking them to see which of the pens still work, and then donate them to a worthy non-proft.


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