Day 21 – How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does One Need?

I work with the stock market, and since it is closed today, I plan on spending my day decluttering a few kitchen drawers and starting (and hopefully finishing) several sewing projects for donations to our church’s support of pregnant women in need; after watching the president’s second inauguration.

But I digress – I apparently need a minimum of 4 drawers worth of kitchen gadgets, plus a separate counter-top vase full of wooden spoons, spatulas, and ladles…

I will qualify the 4 drawer minimum with the fact that 2 of the drawers are “small”; the same size as the pencil and junk drawer in the last two posts.  I am wondering if I could renovate these two drawers – cut the divider piece in-between them and make it one BIG drawer – that would also add another 3 – 4″ of drawer space.

I also need to come up with a better organization plan for these drawers – a custom divider possibly, to keep like items together and stop all the stuff from sliding around in the drawer every time they are opened and closed.

Here are the before pictures:


This drawer contains mostly things for chopping, grating, slicing; along with therastats, and a few other miscellaneous gadgets


Primarily my “baking gadget” drawer, measuring spoons, cups, whisks, a pineapple cutter, potato masher, lemon/lime juicer, small sieve, several funnels, a large infuser ball are amont the items in this drawer. I really try hard to keep this one as organized as possible.


spatulas, pairing knives, peelers, hide in this drawer


Lots of miscellaneous gadgets in this drawer, an herb chopper, ice cream scoop and wooden potato masher (those were my grandmothers), pastry brushes, manual can openers, kitchen scissors and more…

Time to watch President Obama’s second inauguration, then back to cleansing these drawers – look for the update later today.


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