Day 22 – Gadeget Drawer #3

They say it takes a minimum of 30 days for something that you do to become a habit.  I sure understand that!  When I took on this endeavor to de-clutter the house I was “gun-ho!”.  Now it seems that each day it is a little bit harder.  Which is why, when I started, my goal was to clean-out one drawer/area of a closet/cabinet a day.  I know that I can do that, and that it wouldn’t take me hours to complete.  Unfortunately, like many things, I got so gun-ho about it, I started taking on more than one area a day (like yesterday – 4 very messy drawers? What was I thinking!!).

So, I am slowing my cleaning process down a bit, and getting myself back to addressing the mess in one area (drawer, cabinet, area of a closet) a day.  This may end up taking me the full 365 days to get through the house and do a good job of de-cluttering, but slow and steady and I feel I will be certain to keep everything nice and neat going forward.

So, here is a (repeat) of the drawer that I am going to clean out today


Just looking at this picture I see some things I know I will be getting rid of (that aqua citrus juicer, for one), and some things that need to be put in their proper place (mixer whisks that belong in the mixer boxes with the appliance).

Here is the cleansed drawer



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