Day 24 – semi-pantry cabinet

I really do not like this cabinet much at all.  It is so difficult to get to because it is in the corner over the counter top.  I feel like I have to climb on top of the counter top to get to stuff in there.






Much better!  Got rid of several empty containers (salt grinder, salad dressing bottle, etc) off to the church resale shop for them.  I also ditched several bottles of old stuff – vinegar, shrimp boil, stuff like that.  A few items are being re-located to the real pantry (like the bottle of vanilla) that I use on a regular basis, and those little bottles of cookie sprinkles, will definitely use those in the near future.

One thing I didn’t do (yet) it put down the cabinet liner, I will do that this weekend (since I have three whole roles of the stuff sitting in – yes – a utility cabinet).


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