Day 25 – Coffee Cups, Drinking Cups, Wine Glasses…And More!

Ta Da!


My “collection” of coffee cups/mugs, drinking glasses, crystal stemware (top shelf), travel mugs, shot glasses, juice glasses… (and one honey pot on the top shelf, a bit out of place…) well, you get the idea…

Looks nice and organized, huh. 🙂

I haven’t done anything to these (yes, I am counting it as two!) cabinets, YET.  Yes, I do a pretty good job, if I say so myself, in keeping my CUPboard in order; but seriously, does one really NEED all those cups??  Probably not, and so, I will be going through these cupboards today and tomorrow to cull a lot of cups and glasses.  The stemware stays, that is my fancy stuff, and while I don’t use them much, I do use them on occasion.

What will most likely go?  A bunch of the coffee mugs that are “give aways” from companies I have done work for in the past.  Some of the travel mugs that I don’t use at all – I seem to have a couple of favorites.  A bunch of cheap cocktail glasses that I really don’t like much and don’t use, either…

Stay tuned!


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