Day 26 – Small Appliances…



As an avid cook and baker, I tend to accumulate small kitchen appliances.  In particular, I seem to have a fetish for mixers.  I have two different Braun mixers, a cuisinart hand held mixer, my kitchenade standing mixer, my grandmother’s sunbeam standing mixer (one of the original ones that was made – it’s Model #7!).  Will I be purging any of these?  Well… not yet.  🙂  Believe it or not, I actually use all of them, each one seems to be better for different tasks, though I do rely on my kitchenade the most.  As for my grandmother’s Sunbeam, it still works!


Grandma Helen’s Sunbeam mixer

I had several large canning jars in there – serveral little jam jars (think repurpose bug).  All those are gone.

I also had two cookie presses; one I will keep, the other is going to take a spin on ebay and then off to the resale shop if it doesn’t sell.  I also had a Wilton cake decorating gun… never did use that thing…



In an earlier post I mentioned the cookie cutters that were in a drawer.  They are now in their proper place, with the other cookie cutters.


The jar was my grandmother’s, and my mom used it to hold cookie cutters when she inherited it.  Family traditions, passed down through the generations…


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