Day 27 – Happy Birthday Sahara!

Today is my great-niece’s first birthday!

We do not live in the same town, so I wasn’t able to see her. in fact, I haven’t met her yet, though I was really hoping to have done so a long time ago. But I digress.

So… today I tackled the top of the refrigerator. Who else out there uses that spot as extra storage space??

I also have a double cabinet above the fridge that was holding these



Now, of course, since the top of the fridge looked like this…

Would you move all that stuff to get to those cabinets up there?  Me either…

I pretty much “never” got into the cabinets up there to use any of those vases… 14 of them in total… I will keep a couple of them, but I would say 11 – 12 of them on their way to the re-sale shop. No, I’m not posting them on ebay, they are too big, and since they are glass would have to be packed up very well to ship to an ebay buyer – the cost of the shipping would far exceed the value of these lovely items. So straight to the donation center they go.

I also culled several books from the “book basket” (more on my cookbooks in a few days…) and straightened that thing up as well. While it will go back on top of the fridge, I actually do use the cookbooks from up there.



Yes, my fridge is a collage of family pictures.


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  1. Oh my! working on a pile of clothing that doesn’t fit my children any more! Such a challenge to tackle the clutter! I am your newest follower. looking forward to more of your posts! I blog too, find me here: