Day 28 – Pots and Pans

This is the last major cabinet in the kitchen (other than the pantry – and OH am I NOT looking forward to that cleansing!)


Right side of pots/pans (island) cabinet

I have cleaned the island cabinet in the last 3 – 4 months, so what I really need to decide is whether I am going to pull the “trigger” and get rid of some of the extra pans


Left island cabinet (missing 2 pots I used for dinner tonight)


Last summer I started using my iron skillets instead of my non-stick pans…  While it took a little while to get the iron skillets nice and “seasoned”, now that they are, I LOVE using them!  Even though I have a glass cooktop and had heard that you shouldn’t use iron skillets on such a cooktop (because if you drop them, well your cooktop is history…) I still do – I am careful with the cooktop so I don’t scratch it as well.


Much better!  got rid of a veggie grilling pan that I never liked very much and a plastic top to a disposable foil roasting pan that I used and already threw in the trash.  🙂

I didn’t take another picture of the pots/pans side of the island, the pots i used tonight are still in the dishwasher.  I did decide to cull 3 of my pans; so I am down from 8 to 5.

The re-sale shop is going to LOVE seeing me…again!


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