30 – Spices Anyone?

I decided to tackle that spice rack today.   It actually is in pretty good shape.  Call me obsessive/compulsive, but I keep it in alphabetical order (pretty much); since I cook/bake a lot, I use most of the spices I have a lot as well.  That said, I know I have a couple items that I hardly, if ever, use.  Those will go.

Before: DSCN3837



Look any different?  Yeah, I know… not really. BUT – it is all re-alphabetized, I did get rid of a few old spices and put some spices I bought at the farmers market in bottles from plastic baggies.

Then… since I was on such a productive streak, decided to clean another shelf in the pantry… but quickly realized, if I was going to clean one, I was going to have to clean them all.  Why?  Well, because so much wasn’t even on the right shelf (yes, baking items have a baking shelf, etc.).  I jumped in so fast on this one that I didn’t get a before picture.



I did get rid of some stuff from the pantry.  Especially the things that were tucked way in the corners, and not used in so long they had WAY expired! (Yikes!)


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