Day 32 – Dining Room Buffet

I have a large dining room buffet cabinet that really needs some de-cluttering work.

This is what I took out of one cabinet area

DSCN3847What was this Christmas stuff – candles, cookie tins, and a candle holder – doing in there? ?  Well, you can’t put candles in the attic in Houston… they will MELT;  and we don’t have basements, they flood when it rains. That said, I obviously haven’t used them, so why keep them??  Okay – here is my plan;  keep the star candles for the national holidays (Groundhog day (tomorrow!!), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)… But wait… where will I store them??  Maybe they will take a spin on ebay and then off to the resale shop…

This is what the de-cluttered buffet cabinet looks like now



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