Are You a Packrat?

Sooner or later, clutter invades nearly everyone’s life.  Do you make excuses as you sink deeper and deeper into the chaos?  Any of the following sound familiar?

I can’t get rid of that because….

  • I might need it – someday
  • There is an article I have to read in that
  • It’ll be worth money – someday
  • It will come back in style if I wait long enough
  • It was a gift (my favorite excuse)…
  • I paid good money for it
  • As soon as I lose 20#s I’ll be able to wear it again
  • It’s still perfectly good
  • It doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to _______
  • I inherited it
  • It just needs to be fixed and it will be good as new
  • They don’t make thinkgs like that anymore
  • I’m saving it for ______(day/event/person??)
  • It would cost a fortune to replace
  • It brings back memories.

(Excerpt from “How to Conquer Clutter” by Stephanie Culp)

I am certain I have used each of these at least once, and possibly more.


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