Day 37 – China Cabinet Part 2

Today I am continuing my decluttering of the china cabinet in the dining room.  How many china cabinets does one need; and where else would one have a china cabinet, you ask?  Well, two.  My other china cabinet is from my grandmother who passed away in 1985. That cabinet is located in the guest room.  More on that one later.  🙂

This is the area of the china cabinet I am worked on today



There are a lot of plastic glasses (for use out by the pool) on that bottom shelf.  I think those will be coming out of there.  Not sure I will be keeping them or maybe offer them to a friend who holds many more pool parties where wine is served than I do.


Okay – so I am going to get rid of the plastic wine/champagne and water glasses that I had in there (4 of each).  I purged a couple small wine glasses from here as well.  After a little re-arranging, doesn’t look too bad.  (Yeah, I know – I still have A LOT of dishes… everyone needs a vice.)  😀


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