Seven Clutter Warranties

Still holding on to all that clutter?  Here are 7 warranties about all that stuff –

  • Clutter is guaranteed to get ruined.  Stack it, pack it, store it, and watch bugs and mice chew and do their duty on it.
  • A cleaning warranty comes with clutter.  Want to waste a lot of time cleaning all that clutter while everyone else is at the beach?
  • Expensive real estate is a guaranteed requirement for clutter.  Where do you put your clutter?  How much did you pay for your home?  Multiply the square footage of the space used to store the stuff by the cost of your home.
  • Moving is guaranteed to be a financial and logistical pain in the behind.  How much will it cost to move all those books you have been keeping since childhood?  (and have yet to even read)
  • A slow-down warranty accompanies all clutter.  It cramps your style, gets in the way, and grinds productivity to a halt.
  • Clutter guarantees loss.  One can’t keep track of anything once clutter takes over.  You will spend precious time searching through clutter for things you have misplaced in the clutter
  • Your image is guaranteed to take a beating.  Clutterbugs, messies, pack rats all look incompetent to the outside world.

(excerpt from “how to conquer clutter” by stephanie culp)

What are you going to do today to get a grip on the clutter in your (personal or business) life?

I will be continuing my de-cluttering of the dining room china cabinet this afternoon.  Come back tonight for an update and before/after pictures.


3 responses to “Seven Clutter Warranties

  1. autismmomgripes

    This is a great view of clutter. My mother, who is in her 80’s has a house filled to the brim, and not wanting to get rid of anything. This is what happens when you just keep bringing in stuff and never get rid of anything. (All of her stuff is good, right?) Anyhow, I have some clutter and try to give books to the library every time I visit and frequent the drive through of our Goodwill Store. I don’t want this mess when I get older. Wish me luck and best wishes!!

    • Good luck with your moms house! My grandmother kept everything! I think it has a lot to do with them growing up/living during the great depression. I have been able to sell a lot on ebay! Haven’t tried craigslist yet, but will for things too expensive to ship.

      • autismmomgripes

        Thanks, I sell some stuff on ebay, but it can be a real pain. It’s just not that easy to get rid of stuff once you get it. I’m being very aware of anything I bring into my home. Is it worth my time and effort?