A Paperless Society?

I find it funny… back in the ’80’s when computers became common-place in our lives (initially at work, then in the home), there was so much talk about becoming a “paperless” society.  Seems to me, I have more paper in my life now, than I did back then…

Next section of The Clutter Quiz – Paper – newspapers magazines National Geographic Junk Mail Bills Books etc…

Here we go!  Do you…

  • Keep piles of newspapers/magazines because of one article?
  • Have hundreds of copies of National Geographic?
  • Hang onto junk mail for weeks/months?
  • Have mail order catelogs dating way back?
  • Have so many books you are storing them in boxes?
  • Filed something one day, and can’t find it the next?
  • Have more than one current calendar?
  • Keep calendars from years past?
  • Have any of your utilities been turned off because you lost the bill and forgot to pay it? (not because you didn’t have the money…)
  • Have a bulletin board with uttles of papers on it?
  • Miss phone messages because you can’t find a pen/pencil?
  • Missed meetings/parties/gatherings because you misplaced the invitation?
  • Rolodex (outlook/smartphone, etc) have current information? Names you have no idea who the people are?
  • Keep boxes/piles of papers that need to be recycled, but haven’t done it “because they need to be shredded?

What are you going to do to get a handle around all the paper in your life?


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