Day 40 – Getting Rid of Some Paper

Okay – I know, I didn’t post anything yesterday for Day 39…

I did go through the bottom part of my china cabinet yesterday.  I am proud to say that everything was in such good order that there wasn’t anything to get rid of, or re-organize.  Okay, I did find some cloth napkins that I re-located to the buffet drawer specifically for napkins, but that was it!  🙂  Feeling a sense of accomplishment (more like relief), I gave myself a “pass” on doing any more cleansing yesterday.  It was Friday, afterall.

With the dining room clutter magnets (buffet and china cabinet) done, I had to decide which room would be next – My den (who knows what is lerking in there!), my guest bath; the guest bedroom; the foyer; the hall closet, or the hall (you will see what I mean soon enough about the hall…)

I decided to tackle part of the den.  That isn’t to say I will continue to work on the den this weekend.  Now that I have started it, I am thinking maybe the guest bath would be the next best room to tackle, get out of the way rather quickly, and provide me with a sense of accomplishment. (It isn’t in as near as bad shape as the den…)  🙂

But, alas, I started on the bookshelves in the den today, so here is what I have accomplished in about an hour.



Sample of the books I am donating to the Houston Library


There are about 40 books in this picture.  As the morning progressed, and I continued to cleanse (purge), I found myself moving on to the next bookshelf.  I wanted to re-arrange pictures, so what the heck.  All told, I have 50+ books that are being donated to the local library today.  There is certain to be more as this project progresses. (Can you say charitable tax deduction?) 🙂


Post book-purge and picture re-arrangement


Ahhhh, 50#s lighter (at least!)

Of course, once I get all the other bookshelves (I have four more to go!) de-cluttered and dusted, I am sure I will be re-re-arranging the pictures with all the additional space I will have… or will I have additional space?  Stay tuned to find out!


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