Professional Chef Wanna-be?

Do you have to have every new-fangled kitchen gadget that Martha Stewart swears by?  How about the gadgets tested on America’s Test Kitchen?

Here’s the quiz to find out if you are a Chef wanna-be (aka kitchen gadget hoarder…)

Do you:

  • Own appliances, gadgets, etc that you never use?
  • Do you have uncounted brown paper (or plastic) grocery bags stuffed into your pantry, squished into every corner of the kitchen?
  • Pots and Pans galore?
  • “Re-purposing” those plastic containers as cabinet art? Enough for a year’s worth of leftovers?
  • More than two sets of dishes?  (okay, okay, I know this one applies to me….)
  • Sets of dishes for a multitude of people, even though you are an average family of 4/5 (or less)?
  • Multitude of the following – can openers, spatulas, cheese graters, peelers?  Other duplicate kitchen utensils?

One caveat – if you have duplicates (triples…) of kitchen gadgets, but you actually USE them, you are EXEMPT from considering them clutter (Yeah ME!)  🙂


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