Do-It-Yourselfer? Collector? Or Both?

Seems we all have an area of interest where we consider ourselves “collectors of treasures”, I will be the first to admit that I am (see my China Cabinet posts…)

Many times we also think we can certainly take care of things around our homes on our own, and as a result, tend to accumulate handy-dandy tools for the purpose of fixing whatever may break.  I didn’t accumulate much of these types of things when I lived in my hometown – thanks to my Dad and my Brother, who were my “mister fix-it” guys.  🙂  More on where I stand with this when I get to the “Garage Cleans”.  On to the quiz questions:

Do you:

  • Have collections of anything?  figurines, matchbooks, stuffed animals, books, hats, etc. etc. etc.?
  • Do you have boxes of “heirlooms” stored somewhere on the premises?
  • Can you lay your hands on a screwdriver within 30 seconds no matter where you are in the house?
  • Have a collection of nails/screws for any fit-it job?
  • not allow anyone to touch anything in your “shop/garage” because, inspite of the mess, you know where everything is?
  • save scraps of lumber, bricks?
  • save almost-dead batteries for an emergency?



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