Day 43 – Almost Done With The Bookshelves…

When ridding yourself of the clutter (aka belongings) do you ever feel a sense of anxiety ?  That has been the way I’ve been feeling during this “Book Purge” phase.  Not really sure why – I haven’t touched these books in YEARS!  Especially all the textbooks on the bottom of this particular bookshelf.  I to have to admit, though, once I have removed the books from the house, I feel so much better and at ease in my surroundings.

Bookshelf #4 before:




It’s about time I get rid of those textbooks…

This bookshelf isn’t completely finished.  I want to go through those photo albums, that actually have recipes I cut out in them and really decide if I want to keep them or toss the inserts and donate the binders.   Most likely the latter.

YES!  I have an empty bookself!  I am certain it will not remain empty – most likely will put family pictures there.  LOVE MY FAMILY!!


2 responses to “Day 43 – Almost Done With The Bookshelves…

  1. Sometimes I worry about getting rid of things, because I’m sure I’ll need them as soon as I get rid of them! But other times it feels really nice to get rid of things I’ve been meaning to get rid of for forever 🙂