Home Sweet Clutter

Here is the last of the Clutter Quiz

Do you have:

  • enough candles to outfit the whole neighborhood?
  • Stacks and stacks of linens, towels, sheets, pillowcases?
  • old RX or outdated over-the counter meds?
  • re-washed clean clothes because they were never put away and someone threw dirty clothes in with them?
  • boxes appliances came in?
  • enough gift boxes/bags for the next 10 years?
  • broken, smashed, crumpled, holiday decoration?
  • a hall closet you won’t let anyone open for fear they will be clobbered by something falling out?
  • so much furniture you can hardly walk through your home?
  • things needing repair for months on end?
  • More than 1 junk drawer?
  • More than 1 clock an any room?
  • an attic or basement full of spare or broken furniture
  • Old yearbooks?
  • Suitcases, uniforms, trophies, heirlooms, etc?
  • Maps
  • a car trunk full of stuff
  • a garage so full there is no room for your car
  • Piles of whatever around your house/office
  • things stuffed under the beds
  • packed in bags waiting to be sorted
  • routinely lose/misplace things because of clutter (and not bad memory…)
  • bought a new something because you couldn’t find it?
  • rental storage space to pack away more stuff
  • so much stuff/clutter you don’t know where to begin to clearing it out?

One response to “Home Sweet Clutter

  1. Today, I am tackling Mt. Washmore. It has grown to mighty heights.