10 Clutter Commandments

  1. Stop Procrastinating
    Stop putting it off.  Decide to Decide what you are going to keep and get rid of, don’t let the next piece of clutter add to the problem.  Deal with it now.
  2. Quit Making Excuses
    You are only fooling yourself
  3. Use it or Lose it
  4. Learn to Let Go
    As your life changes, your needs do too.  Stop holding on to the things you no longer need.
  5. Be A Giver
    Give things away, donations to a non-profit can help you come tax time too!
  6. Set Limits
    Just because you have the space, doesn’t mean it needs to be filled with STUFF
  7. Use the In & Out Inventory Rule
    Buying something new?  Get rid of something OLD!
  8. Less is More
    Less clutter, less stress, more time, money, space, energy, productivity
  9. Keep Everything in its Place
    a place for everything, and everything in its place
  10. Compromise
    Don’t let perfectionism stop you from getting it done, or letting someone help you.  Perfect isn’t the same as excellent – and sometimes good is good enough.

Remember – All in All – its a GOOD LIFE when you come out from under the clutter!


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