Books Clutter Checklist

Things to consider when clearing out books:

  • Kids Books – have your kids outgrown them? Donate them!
  • Cookbooks – Which ones do you use regularly? Ditch the rest (yeah, like I am going to do that…)
  • How-to Books – Really? You need these in the internet age? Donate them as well! Need to know how to do something? GOOGLE IT
  • Phone books – RECYCLE NOW!
  • Reference Books – GOOGLE IT instead!
  • Textbooks – Do you really think you are going to crack open those books when you barely did when you were in school??
  • Unread Books – Okay – I can see where you might want to keep these – but put them in a special place and READ THEM, then DONATE THEM! DO NOT BUY ANY MORE BOOKS TO READ UNTIL THESE ARE GONE! This will also be great on your pocketbook!Another idea to consider, once you have read and purged the books – check out your local library for any future books you want to read!
  • Yearbooks – Okay, I can completely understand keeping these memories.  🙂


Definition of the day – MESS – A state of disaray, especially a condition of untidy confusion; an embarrassing situation or muddle; a dirty or disagreeable concoction; a hodepodge; a confused, unkept, or offensive condition.  Or, according to your mother in law, the sum total of who and what you are, as in “Good Lord, you’re a mess…just look at this house!”

Excerpt from “How to Conquer Clutter” by Stephanie Culp


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