DAY 51 – Tax Returns

No, not for 2013. But many years gone by..and more shredding…

Today I tackled my drawer where I keep my tax returns. Yes, they have had a drawer all their own.  I thought I only had returns going back to 2002ish…but low and behold I actually had returns dating back to 1987!! 

Yea. My shredder for another workout today.


3 responses to “DAY 51 – Tax Returns

  1. I have all the taxes back to 1998 to get rid of. Sadly my shredder couldn’t handle it all, I’m too busy keeping it going on all the crap I’m finding in our home reno. Why we hang on to all this crap is beyond reason. Keep up the good work. I’m cheering you on!!

    • Thanks! You know, it doesn’t help that we HAVE TO hold on to them for at least 3 years from the date of filing… then before you know it, it has been two decades! Good luck with your home reno!! I have so many reno projects for my house on my list, it isn’t funny. My biggest problem, I want to do them myself instead of hiring out to have them done – they aren’t super difficult things, you know, painting, new cabinet doors/drawer fronts, new faucets… stuff like that.

  2. It is so much fun to follow your progress! I know that shredding can be a major chore, have you seen if there is a local Shred It day near you? I know that NBC, the Better Business Bureau, and local municipalities host local shredding days where you can bring boxes to be destroyed. That way you don’t have to burn out your shredder with a large amount of document disposal.