I will admit – I have been lazy when it comes to decluttering the house this week.  Not sure if it is the weather – the Lenten season (giving up something?  How about not decluttering??  HA) – or, well, I find myself more than 1/2 way through the house now, and it is only February!  So maybe I am just “pacing myself” since I did give myself a year to get through all of this.

I think the other overwhelmning thing was dealing with all that paper and the shredding that ensued.  I’m still not done.  I have 3 drawers and one cabinet space still waiting for decluttering to take place.  My couch in the Den also needs to be decluttered as it is “holding” many items that need to either find a proper place.

Okay – so what does all this have to do with vacuums?  Well… I have been so busy decluttering that the normal house cleaning has taken a bit of a back seat.  Enter the NEATO ROBOTIC VACUUM!

Picture courtesy of website

I stopped by my friend Amy’s house last week, and she had her NEATO vacuum cleaner going.  The one thing that I LOVED about this one compared to others out there – it vacuums in straight lines!  Us “Type A” personality people love that!  I’ve been considering buying one of these gadgets (not clutter if you use it!), but the price tag on the ones I saw were more than I wanted to pay, plus some friends that have the other models weren’t really excited about how well they cleaned.  So, when I got home, I promptly got on the internet and found a very reasonably priced NEATO (you can find them on Amazon and Ebay – brand new models).  Three days later, my floors are now swept, and I didn’t need to do a thing besides press the “start” button.  I know I will be using this wonderful time saving device daily.  🙂

Rex and Roxy (my pups) are not bothered much by it either – though they do run from it when it gets too close.

Now if I could just find an automatic furniture dusting unit!  🙂


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