Definition of Junk

Junk – It’s a relative term. Mark everything you think is junk then give the list to someone else and see if they agree…


  • Antique dental equipment
  • College essays and notes
  • baby clothes (your kids are grown)
  • broken radio from 1954
  • broken “anniversary” clock from 1950’s
  • high school letter sweater
  • Collection of National Geographic
  • Rock collection
  • Sticker Collection
  • Bobbing plastic hula girl from hawaii
  • Size 8 evening gown  (you are a size 12)
  • Tin box full of keys (for what?)
  • Ripped jeans
  • Stationary printed with outdated address
  • Old telephone
  • Dried-up paint
  • Wooden paddle from your fraternity
  • Broken/old VCR or DVD player
  • Broken TIVO
  • PingPong table with 3 legs
  • Old sewing machine from 1950’s

If you think your stuff is NOT junk, you have 3 options:  use it, lose it (donation), store it.


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