Celebrities on the Declutter Bandwagon!

Who knew I would start a national declutter craze!  Ok, so I probably didn’t really START the national craze, but it seems many celebrities have jumped on this bandwagoin with me!

It appears I am in very good company when it comes to clutter!

I picked up a Women’s Day magazine the other day because an article on clutter caught my eye – low and behold Katie Couric has a clutter problem too!  She has had the hoarding problem for a very long time; and is way worse than me – evidenced by her hiding dirty dishes in the trunk of her car when getting her home ready for a party!  (THANK YOU MOM! for teaching me that dirty dishes should be washed right after the meal! SO… Katie is hopping on the declutter bandwagon (following my lead, of course – HA!) http://www.katiecouric.com/on-the-show/2013/02/25/katie-comes-clean-can-she-de-clutter-her-life/


THEN… This morning I was getting ready to check out at the grocery store and what do I see??  OPRAH’s O magazine with DECLUTTER in big bold letters across the cover!  http://www.oprah.com/spirit/How-Oprah-Learned-to-Declutter

This makes me feel a bit better about my clutter problem – plus the fact that I can tackle it on my own, without paying booku bucks to someone else to do it for me (because when you do that, well, you just go out and buy more stuff to fill the empty spaces these other people have created in your home).  🙂



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