The weather in Houston last weekend and this past week has been absolutely fabulous during the day, sunny and in the 70’s during the day, chilly at night (40’s); that, along with the “spring forward” in time, leaves a lot of sun in the early evenings.  As a result, I have been distracted.  My neighbors have been planting spring flowers and my front flower beds were a shame – mostly clover and weeds, needing some TLC.

So… while I don’t have “before pictures” this is what I was distracted with this past week, and didn’t get much in the way of decluttering done.

Question – does weeding the garden count as decluttering the flowerbeds?  🙂

DSCN3974 DSCN3975 DSCN3976 DSCN3977 DSCN3978 DSCN3979That’s “Mr. Froggy” on the rock.  My neighbors bring their little children and grandchildren by to visit him.  It is so cute, the kids stop to pet the frog!  Made my day.


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