Beautiful Weather

We had fabulous weather in Houston this past weekend.  As a result, I spent most of my time outside.

With the front yard looking great (ok, good), I started tackling my weed ridden and dog trampled back yard.  Right now my FAVORITE garden tool is a battery powered handheld tiller by Black & Decker.  One small problem – the battery doesn’t last that long – maybe 1/2 hr – 45 minutes.  But that is okay, because by then I am ready for a break from the tiller.  🙂   I also got some mulch put down around some of the rose bushes, the citrus trees, and a few other trees.

My BIG project was clearing out dirt and river rock from a french drain I have running along the side of the house.  It had (yes, had), a french drain pipe in it – but the dogs decided to remove it in an effort to catch geckos.  (UGH!)  They also decided to fill it with dirt…  So, first thing to repairing it, clearing out the rock and the dirt.

Here is what I got accomplished…


All cleared out and ready for a new French drain pipe


My type A personality at work, for the first section I cleared out anyway…


My messy personality soon took hold. Rocks thrown over the hedge just to get them out of the trench…


Yes, at one point I thought it was a good idea to put rocks in the birthbath? Why? Who knows…

Stay tuned for the finished project (that will probably be a few weeks away…)


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