9 bags, 360#s, 18 cubic feet, 6 cubic yards…

That’s how much mulch I have sitting in the back of my Tahoe stinking it up…

I should get back to decluttering the house… But at the moment the mulch is taking priority. 

I just need to stop buying mulch for the backyard until I have the decluttering work for the day done. 

I suppose I could do both in a day; maybe I should limit my mulch


buying to 5 bags a day…but then I would be spending a lot more in gas to get more bags every other day or so until the backyard is done.  Did I mention I have a huge backyard??  I’m guessing I will need a minimum of 40 cubic yards, so far I have only abou 15 cubic yards, counting what is in the truck…  Here are a few pics. 



There is more yard to the left and behind the pool as well.

Better get busy!


3 responses to “9 bags, 360#s, 18 cubic feet, 6 cubic yards…

  1. Nice, you have a plenty of planting space!