Weekly Photo Challenge – Color (of Geckos)

I’ve been working in the garden a lot lately, and around my house we have a large population of geckos. When this challenge came up I headed out the door with the intention of getting some great pictures of blue bonnets in a yard around the block. As I walked out the door a brown gecko ran across my path, and I though to myself – “Darn, if he were only green”, why? because when they are green they are vibrant green. Something prompted me to turn around when I headed down my drive and, low and behold! A green gecko!

DSCN4036But he didn’t stay bright green for long…

DSCN4037Must have known I was eyeing him…as he changed to the drab color of the shingles of the house.



10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Color (of Geckos)

  1. They make me laugh – they really think we can’t see them when they change colour 🙂 When I lived in Greece we used to catch geckos and put them in our rooms to eat all the bugs.

  2. Beautiful little creature. And well-captured!

  3. Haha! Well to tell you the truth, my cats are getting rid of the geckos climbing my walls today. 😦 I love geckos.

  4. I’d want to put him back into some bright greenery to see him change back!

    • I wish I could have got him when he was defensive and green. They puff up their necks and that part turns bright pinkish. They really are beautiful animals

  5. Creative… very well captured… 🙂

  6. great capture. was the change in color instant?