A Look Back At My 365 Declutter Project

It was such a great start!   A good idea,  with very good intentions behind it.   I was doing such a fantastic job… until about mid year.   So what happened?

While I am being rather hard on myself on the declutter end of things; looking back, I really did do quite a bit of decluttering.   I made it through the whole house,  including the garage.   The only area I didn’t declutter (but did reorganize) is the attic – basically all my holiday stuff is up there.

So where did my plans go off track? It was after my trip home. I went over the week of the 4th of July. I mentioned in an earlier post that my pups had tore up a wall in the kitchen. I am sure this was do to anxiety from the fireworks. They were having a really hard night last night with all the new years fireworks going off until 2 a.m. In July they tore up a wall. Laat night I am thankful I was home to comfort them and no damage waa done.

Anyway, that is where my plans got off track. I switched gears from decluttering to renovation work in my kitchen. Tore off wallpaper, plastered the walls and repainted. It took me a good month working on it every evening and weekends as much as possible. Once that was done I never really got back into decluttering much… and then the holidays hit!

So here we are. I am re-committing myself to my declutter project. Most of the house really isn’t in that bad of shape. Certain areas need to be addressed. Kitchen counter tops and table must be decluttered and kept clean. Dining room needs to go back to being a dining room instead of a sewing room with fabric everywhere. Den needs to be addressed as well.

Happy New Year! Let the declutter project re-commence.


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