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Weekly Photo Challenge – Change (Garden A-New)

DSCN4064It seems to be the never ending garden project…  Can’t tell you how many bags of mulch I have put down so far, and I’m only about 1/2 way done with prepping the garden for the summer.  Weekend plans include pulling all those river rocks out from the edge along with the stepping stones; cleaning out the little sprouts that have started from the tree seeds; putting down corn gluten (pre-emergent) to stop any others from coming up; and finally putting down mulch.


A glimpse at some of the finished work.

I have a “plan” for those extra rocks…

It will be great once this project is finally done, then maybe the weather will warm up enough to enjoy that pool I have in the background…though my dogs already have been enjoying it on the warm sunny days.  🙂

Happy Weekend!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Color (of Geckos)

I’ve been working in the garden a lot lately, and around my house we have a large population of geckos. When this challenge came up I headed out the door with the intention of getting some great pictures of blue bonnets in a yard around the block. As I walked out the door a brown gecko ran across my path, and I though to myself – “Darn, if he were only green”, why? because when they are green they are vibrant green. Something prompted me to turn around when I headed down my drive and, low and behold! A green gecko!

DSCN4036But he didn’t stay bright green for long…

DSCN4037Must have known I was eyeing him…as he changed to the drab color of the shingles of the house.