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Mid Year Check In

HELLOOOO!!!  It is now June!

Did I do any decluttering?

Ummmmm, welllllll, yes, and no.

I did get to the kitchen counter tops. but those seem to be a never ending issue (darn the junk mail !)

The kitchen table is cleared, but the stuff now sits on the chairs (out of site – under the table – out of mind – right???)

The dining room did make it back to being a dining room, for about 3 months… it is now back to a “sewing area”… ugh!

The den – well, let’s just say I keep the door shut when company comes over….

Hopefully I will have much better things to share with you on my next check in (hopefully sooner than new years!!!!)

Happy Decluttering!!


Black Eyed Pea Salsa

Yum! Wish I had found this in time to make for new years! Oh well, I have plenty more dried black eyed peas in the pantry. This will be made soon!

Main St. Cuisine

black eyed pea salsaIt seems only fitting to start off the year with a recipe that includes black-eyed peas, don’t you think? In past years I’ve made Hoppin’ John and they’ve showed up in other dishes too.

One thing I definitely like about this dish is it’s a pretty healthy way to kick off a new year.  Considering everything we baked and ate these last few weeks, enjoying a snack laden with all types of vegetables was really lovely.  Speaking of all things sugary, I can safely say we left no piece of fudge or sugar cookie untouched.  Thankfully, I live with hungry boys who can eat their weight in Christmas sweets.

black eyed pea salsa ingredientsI decided to cook frozen black-eyed peas, which is rather simple and is a no-soak method.  You simply place them into a pot (check for any stones), cover with water and bring them to a boil.  Reduce the heat, cover…

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A Look Back At My 365 Declutter Project

It was such a great start!   A good idea,  with very good intentions behind it.   I was doing such a fantastic job… until about mid year.   So what happened?

While I am being rather hard on myself on the declutter end of things; looking back, I really did do quite a bit of decluttering.   I made it through the whole house,  including the garage.   The only area I didn’t declutter (but did reorganize) is the attic – basically all my holiday stuff is up there.

So where did my plans go off track? It was after my trip home. I went over the week of the 4th of July. I mentioned in an earlier post that my pups had tore up a wall in the kitchen. I am sure this was do to anxiety from the fireworks. They were having a really hard night last night with all the new years fireworks going off until 2 a.m. In July they tore up a wall. Laat night I am thankful I was home to comfort them and no damage waa done.

Anyway, that is where my plans got off track. I switched gears from decluttering to renovation work in my kitchen. Tore off wallpaper, plastered the walls and repainted. It took me a good month working on it every evening and weekends as much as possible. Once that was done I never really got back into decluttering much… and then the holidays hit!

So here we are. I am re-committing myself to my declutter project. Most of the house really isn’t in that bad of shape. Certain areas need to be addressed. Kitchen counter tops and table must be decluttered and kept clean. Dining room needs to go back to being a dining room instead of a sewing room with fabric everywhere. Den needs to be addressed as well.

Happy New Year! Let the declutter project re-commence.

More Cluttered than Ever…

Well, around late August, early September, I fell off my “clutter free house” bandwagon.  It didn’t seem like much of a problem at the time.  The house (and all the storage spaces) were relatively uncluttered.  I’m not sure what happened over the past couple of months, but, oh do I have a problem!  My kitchen counter is full of stuff, my kitchen table is piled with old photos that I decided to go through and sort, now I need to find a place to store them, in some sort of order that I have them sorted.  My dining room has become my sewing room.  Needless to say there are little fabric and thread scraps all over the rug in there (I do try to pick them up ever couple of days), sewing maching on the table, notion boxes out (because the minute I put one away, I pull it back out looking for something)… I really need to get my “How to Conquor Clutter” book back out and re-read it, well, what I really need to do is get back on my de-clutter the house bandwagon, and work on these things a little bit every day.  I know in no time, the house will be back to being clutter-free.  🙂

Kitchen Refridgerator Picture Collage

Do you have pictures on your fridge held up my those unsightly advertizing magnets that are sent to you in the mail?

Well, I came up with this ingenious idea (all on my own – no I didn’t find it on Pinterest…)

These are the magnets that I have.


Some of them had those little calendars hanging from the bottom of the (which is actually where I came up with this idea).  I tore those old calendars, that I never even used anyway, off.

Then I took a long piece of clear tape.


Rolled it around my fingers to create a double-sided tape.


Placed the tape on the magnet and laid it out so that it was flat.


and attached the picture.




Pictures on my fridge without those ugly magnets.  Plus you can always tuck other pictures in behind the pictures on the magnets as well, and make a wonderful picture collage on your fridge.

Want to change pictures on your fridge?  No problem, the photos come off the tape easily without ruining the picture.

Side Tracked…

Besides having all my hair cut off, I was side-tracked on my decluttering project in early July.  You see, I took a trip to my home town to visit family for a week, and while I was gone, well, let’s just say my two dogs don’t much like fireworks…

My pet sitter was kind enough to txt me a picture of the damage they did to a wall in the kitchen (picture to follow in another post).

My kitchen was (being the operative word) wallpapered.  It has been this way since I bought it 15 years ago and have been wanting to take the paper down and do a plaster finish on the walls and paint instead.  So…. you guessed it – my dogs prompted and prioritized that project for me on the evening of July 4th.

I have pictures of the process and will share those in a future post over the next week or two.  I am still in the process of finalizing the renovation to the kitchen; getting all the final touch-ups done and pictures hung on the walls.  When all is done, I promise a post of the final transformation.  🙂

PS – I am SO glad to finally have the use of my kitchen again!

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have you had any luck with your decluttering this summer?  Tell me what have you done?

Have you had a renovation (minor or major) home improvement project you have been wanting to do?  What is holding you back?

Locks For Love – The Day I Donated My Hair

What's For Dinner?

Cancer – It has impacted every one of us in some way shape or form.  I would bet that you personally know at least one person, if not more, that have taken on this personal battle.

I consider myself lucky, thus far, not to have had this terrible disease; but I know oh so many that have. (including my Dad)

For so many years now, I have always wanted to donate my hair to make wigs for those who lose theirs because of the treatments they have had to go through.  I have wondered, what would it be like to lose all your hair?

Well, today, I – sort of – found out.  Today I had 10 inches of hair cut off to donate to Locks For Love.  Locks For Love makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments.

 wpid-IMAG1892.jpgPre-cut picture.  It looks Like…

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