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What Day is It?

Okay – So I admit, I did take a couple of days off from decluttering this weekend.

I did do a bit of work on day 47 and 48, (guest bath closet and cabinet under sink).  I also cleaned out and shredded more papers from a small 2 drawer metal filing cabinet (Day 49).  I also found a good home for the filing cabinet, a non-profit that my neighbor Mary works with.  Day 50, well, let’s just call that a day of rest.

Anyway, I just didn’t post anything the last few days.  Here are the after pictures:

DSCN3910 DSCN3911

Overall, I am doing pretty good in decluttering the house, and am well on my way to being done with it in 365 days.  It is amazing how easy it is to declutter one very small area at a time.

Yes, I did skip a few drawers and cabinets in the Den, I will get back to those this week.  I just needed a break from all the papers and shredding.  Needed a quick declutter project that made me feel like I was making BIG progress (i.e. small declutter projects…)  🙂


Days 5 & 6 More Dresser Drawers…

Yesterday I tackled three dresser drawers that contained shorts of various type (running, dress, casual), and some t-shirts.

I bagged up about a dozen shorts for goodwill, along with three or four short summer skirts that I haven’t worn in years.  The t-shirts were refolded and placed in one of the two drawers that I keep all my t-shirts in, with the intention of going through those today… but I ended up finishing a book I had started reading yesterday instead.

I did go through my “sock drawer” today, getting rid of just a few socks, but the drawer is re-arranged, all socks are paired and what I have in there I do use.  I also have a drawer of hosery that really needs to be cleaned out… that will be my goal for tomorrow, along with the t-shirt drawers before I head off to the Notre Dame vs. Alabama game watch for the BCS National Championship.


Day 2 – Moving on to the Master Bath

Yesterday I was motivated enough to clean out three of the four dresser drawers from the dresser in the master closet.  I was able to get rid of enough stuff that I now have 1 drawer that is completely empty!  PLUS – I still have one more drawer to go; though I don’t think I will be getting rid of much out of the last drawer left to “cleanse”.  Most of the stuff in that drawer is my Arbonne products, I will use those, plus that drawer had been “cleansed” last summer.  I used to have a whole bunch of makeup that I would, once in a blue moon, maybe look through; but in reality, I never really used it – all that was chucked into the trash, and the makeup bags donated to goodwill.

Today I will be tackling the cabinets in the master bathroom.  Here are a couple of pictures of their current state of mess.


Obviously, things I get rid of from this space will be going directly into the trash.

I will update this post with the “cleansed” pictures when I have the task completed later this evening.

Update: here are the “after” pictures
Much better!