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Guest Room Closet – Scarves and Gloves

Back from a trip to New Orleans to watch my fearless Notre Dame Fighting Irish Women’s Basketball team in the “Final Four”. It was a tough game, but I’m proud of those girls!

Back to my decluttering project (and then fixing that darn french drain the dogs pulled out this afternoon – thank you geckos…)

Anyway – Today, with temps in the 80’s, but expected to be in the mid-40’s by tomorrow/Thursday I decided to tackle this box in the guest bedroom closet


What’s really in that box anyway?

Filled with winter gloves, both “utilitarian” and “dress gloves”, some scarves and headbands…

I refolded the scarves (there were just a couple) and put them on the “scarf shelf”, then re-organized the box of gloves, checking for any that had tears or were worn out.


Nice and neat!

Instead of putting these back on the top shelf, I put it on a lower side shelf where it will be easy to get to and I won’t be inclined to just throw the gloves up in the general direction of the box…


Tucked away in it’s new place for the summer.

Now to go fix that darn French drain…



Guest Room Closet – Part I

Back to decluttering now that I have the french drain finished.  Finalized that project just in time for a major storm and several smaller storms to pass through my area.



My guest room closet is rather small.  That said, I sure can pack it in there!

I worked on the shelves and floor area on one side of the closet last night.



What’s in that pile?  More bedsheets, a couple scarves, a hat and some gloves, a table cloth for patio table, and a stack of family pictures I never got around to putting up.  I also had a lot of other pictures on the floor below this shelf.


Now to decide where and how to display my family pictures! Good thing my friend Lisa from Taylor TX will be coming to Houston in the near future – she is a great decorator, and will certainly take on the challenge with me in hanging these in a beautiful display.

DSCN4029This is my “collection” of bedsheets – yes, there are a couple unopened packages there! (YIKES).  Actually, they are twin bed flat sheets and my intention on buying them was to use them to make a duvet cover or maybe an outdoor blanket that could be used as a beach blanket, etc.   All these will be put in a garage sale I am going to participate in with a neighbor and her daughter.  I hear they are very popular GS items.  🙂


The rest of the closet that I will be tackling in the days to come… Amazing how many winter coats I have for a person living in the south, isn’t it.  🙂

After pictures of the shelves.



Getting Back on Track – Days 53 – 62

This gallery contains 6 photos.

I’m feeling much better, my black eye is almost gone, the scabs from the fall are healing nicely and the scab on my forehead is gone. So today I am getting myself back on track by cleaning out the hall … Continue reading

Are You a Clothes Horse?

You say you don’t have a clutter problem?  Here is a quiz to find out whether you do or not.  It is set up in different sections so you can identify any specific area where there is a clutter issue in your life.  So, you may not have a kitchen clutter problem, but your closets are a mess… or visa versa…


Do you have :

A closet full of clothes, but still have a problem deciding what to wear?

Do you keep clothes that don’t fit in the hopes that ONE DAY you will get back into them? (come on, fess up, we all do this…)

Are you related to Imelda Marcos (aka shoe fetish anyone?? and ones that date back to the 80’s or earlier??)

Do your shoes hurt your feet?

Collection of hats anyone?

Old RX eye glasses that you can’t wear anymore (ever hear of the Lion’s Club – Give those glasses a new home to someone in need!)

Handbags galore?

Jewelry that is spilling out of your jewelry box?

Old dried up, caked over disolved almost to dust makeup?

Enough cosmetics to suply the floor shows in Las Vegas?

I will fess up, at least at some point in my life, I would have answered these questions YES.  Maybe not all at the same time, (ok, maybe a few at the same time)…  But not since I cleansed my closet at the beginning of 2013!  I am happy to say, it has stayed that way – I am staying away from the retail clothing stores, at least for now.  🙂

Stay tuned for more of The Clutter Quiz in the coming days!

Day 9 -Utility Closet

Today was an easy ” clear the clutter” day.  I have a very small closet, sort of like a coat closet, that I use more as a utility closet.  I put my vacuums, ironing board and other such items in there. 

I also had a hanging luggage bag, one small overnight luggage piece, a marble chess set (board and pieces I bought in Mexico my senior year in high school) and a wooden chess board my brother Tim made me one year in his wood working class.  I also found a couple of surge protectors, some paper vacuum bags, and a couple of magnetic curtain rods.

What is going to Goodwill?  The luggage, vacuum bags ( my current vacuum is a bagless model) marble chess set.  I may hold on to the marble chess board and use it as a cutting board on the kitchen…but then, I haven’t started cleansing the kitchen yet…

Day 2 – Moving on to the Master Bath

Yesterday I was motivated enough to clean out three of the four dresser drawers from the dresser in the master closet.  I was able to get rid of enough stuff that I now have 1 drawer that is completely empty!  PLUS – I still have one more drawer to go; though I don’t think I will be getting rid of much out of the last drawer left to “cleanse”.  Most of the stuff in that drawer is my Arbonne products, I will use those, plus that drawer had been “cleansed” last summer.  I used to have a whole bunch of makeup that I would, once in a blue moon, maybe look through; but in reality, I never really used it – all that was chucked into the trash, and the makeup bags donated to goodwill.

Today I will be tackling the cabinets in the master bathroom.  Here are a couple of pictures of their current state of mess.


Obviously, things I get rid of from this space will be going directly into the trash.

I will update this post with the “cleansed” pictures when I have the task completed later this evening.

Update: here are the “after” pictures
Much better!

Official Day 1 – Continuing the “Closet Cleanse”

I missed all the New Year’s Eve excitement last night – sick with a sinus infection, and in bed by 10 p.m. (central time), up at 1 a.m. when my dogs were barking because of all the firework noise outside.  Up again at 4:30 this morning to start 2013 off right! – with a hot cup of coffee.  🙂

I would say I made it through only about 1/2 of the master bedroom closet over the last couple of days, so today, I forced myself to finish off the rest of the closet.  I honestly think I must have some form of Adult ADD, I get projects started, and then head off to do something else…  Focus – must stay focused!  Which is why I started this blog.  🙂

Anyway, today this is what I found:

4 really nice sweaters  2 (a simple style that never goes out of style) that I never wore – yep – tags still on them.  I like them so much that I hung them up and will be wearing them in the near future.

Organized all my blouses, tops, etc. and will be getting rid of at least 10 of those.  Only 3 of them will make onto Ebay, the rest are off to Goodwill this afternoon.  Now all of my blouses are organized by color, and also by sleeve size (long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve); Yes, I can get a bit carried away with this organization stuff – which is probably why it takes me so darn LONG to make it through the process.

About 1/2 dozen scarves that I used to wear a lot – I still like them, and seeing that it is winter, I think I will be wearing/using them, so into the wash they went for a freshing-up.  If I don’t use them, I will put them on Ebay.

How in the world did I get SO MANY pant hangers that I NEVER use??  Nice ones, the plastic kind from the store… off to Goodwill with all of those!

A couple more white bed sheets that I never use anymore.  While I could donate them, I will keep them for my neighbor’s daughter to use for angel outfits for their annual church play next year.   I also came across two striped flat bed sheets I used to use a lot.  They are now Goodwill bound.

A stack of family pictures in frames that I put in there a few years back when I was having my hardwood floors replaced.  No, they are not going to Goodwill!  Can’t wait to dust them off and put them back on the fireplace mantel.

Well, I’m still not done with the closet – I have a short dresser in there that I use to store hair dryer, curling iron(s), hair clip stuff, perfumes, and more.  ( Now you see why this House Cleansing will take me 365 days?? !! )  That will be a fun project to start on this afternoon… Lots of stuff will be “cleansed” out of there!