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Day 38 – The China Cabinet Finale

Well, not really.  I still have the drawers and side cabinets on the lower section to do, but this is the last of the upper china cabinet.  🙂





Gone are 6 big beer glasses from Dick’s last resort, a large red glass bowl with silver ornaments in it, several un-matched wine glasses, and a few other smaller items.  Re-organized and looking much more pleasing to the eye.  🙂


Day 37 – China Cabinet Part 2

Today I am continuing my decluttering of the china cabinet in the dining room.  How many china cabinets does one need; and where else would one have a china cabinet, you ask?  Well, two.  My other china cabinet is from my grandmother who passed away in 1985. That cabinet is located in the guest room.  More on that one later.  🙂

This is the area of the china cabinet I am worked on today



There are a lot of plastic glasses (for use out by the pool) on that bottom shelf.  I think those will be coming out of there.  Not sure I will be keeping them or maybe offer them to a friend who holds many more pool parties where wine is served than I do.


Okay – so I am going to get rid of the plastic wine/champagne and water glasses that I had in there (4 of each).  I purged a couple small wine glasses from here as well.  After a little re-arranging, doesn’t look too bad.  (Yeah, I know – I still have A LOT of dishes… everyone needs a vice.)  😀

Day 36 – How to Conquer Clutter

The other day I came across a book that was given to me by an administrative assistant when I moved to San Francisco in the mid-90’s.  “How to Conquer Clutter”.  I laughed to myself, since I have been working on just that for the last month.  I also laughed as I flipped through the book and noted a comment that stated you should clean out a whole area (like your whole closet, or all your dresser drawers) and go through the stuff all at one time.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!  That is so overwhelming of a task that if I had done that my whole house would look like a hurricane hit it!  AND… I would be sleeping on top of all those clothes… I much more like my idea of taking the time to go through a small area a day (a drawer, cabinet, shelf in a closet).  That provides one with a sense of accomplishment, a sense of completing something and not so overwhelming that once you pull things out of the chosen area you don’t know where to start to get it back into some sense of order.

Anyway – so, I did peruse through the book and noted some helpful things.  Along with my daily posts of decluttering, I will add a bit of something from the book.


Clut-ter – To fill with scattered or disordered things that restrict movement or efficiency; a crowded or jumbled mass or accumulation; litter; disorder.  Or… All that STUFF you’ve got all over the place that everybody keeps telling you to get rid of.

Today I will conquer one section of my china cabinet.





A little better organized…

what was purged?

These margarita glasses (plastic)


Day 35 – Finishing the Buffet

Today I tackled the last drawer of the buffet and the other side cabinet area.

I also decided that it is now time to take the mircrowave that I removed from the kitchen over to Goodwill.  I really do not miss it, and have found that if I have something to be re-heated, I use more traditional methods (aka the oven, or on the stove).  They don’t really take that much longer, and I have to tell you, the food actually takes a whole lot better than when it is heated in a mircrowave.  It retains the moisture and flavor.  🙂

Here is the drawer and side-cabinet before the cleaning:

DSCN3849 DSCN3850

Here they are after:

DSCN3851 DSCN3854

Missing – the candle and cups from the cabinet (both off to the resale shop); several table linens have been removed.  I also decided to dedicate one drawer to the napkins, that way they don’t get all crushed and the table linens are better organized.

Weekend Edition (Days 33-34) The Buffet drawers

In anticipation of taking Sunday off (see below) from decluttering, I tackled three of the drawers of the dining room buffet.  All of these basically hold table linens and napkins.

I culled a few older table linens and moved some paper christmas napkins to a more appropriate place in the cabinet in the laundry room, where my other paper napkins reside.

Okay – so I took Sunday “off” from decluttering.  I was still very productive though.  I power-washed my driveway.  That took me a good 3 hours, and it looks great!  Of course then I had to get cleaned up and ready for the Super-bowl.  I will get back to decluttering Monday.

Day 32 – Dining Room Buffet

I have a large dining room buffet cabinet that really needs some de-cluttering work.

This is what I took out of one cabinet area

DSCN3847What was this Christmas stuff – candles, cookie tins, and a candle holder – doing in there? ?  Well, you can’t put candles in the attic in Houston… they will MELT;  and we don’t have basements, they flood when it rains. That said, I obviously haven’t used them, so why keep them??  Okay – here is my plan;  keep the star candles for the national holidays (Groundhog day (tomorrow!!), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)… But wait… where will I store them??  Maybe they will take a spin on ebay and then off to the resale shop…

This is what the de-cluttered buffet cabinet looks like now