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Day 38 – The China Cabinet Finale

Well, not really.  I still have the drawers and side cabinets on the lower section to do, but this is the last of the upper china cabinet.  🙂





Gone are 6 big beer glasses from Dick’s last resort, a large red glass bowl with silver ornaments in it, several un-matched wine glasses, and a few other smaller items.  Re-organized and looking much more pleasing to the eye.  🙂


Day 35 – Finishing the Buffet

Today I tackled the last drawer of the buffet and the other side cabinet area.

I also decided that it is now time to take the mircrowave that I removed from the kitchen over to Goodwill.  I really do not miss it, and have found that if I have something to be re-heated, I use more traditional methods (aka the oven, or on the stove).  They don’t really take that much longer, and I have to tell you, the food actually takes a whole lot better than when it is heated in a mircrowave.  It retains the moisture and flavor.  🙂

Here is the drawer and side-cabinet before the cleaning:

DSCN3849 DSCN3850

Here they are after:

DSCN3851 DSCN3854

Missing – the candle and cups from the cabinet (both off to the resale shop); several table linens have been removed.  I also decided to dedicate one drawer to the napkins, that way they don’t get all crushed and the table linens are better organized.

Weekend Edition (Days 33-34) The Buffet drawers

In anticipation of taking Sunday off (see below) from decluttering, I tackled three of the drawers of the dining room buffet.  All of these basically hold table linens and napkins.

I culled a few older table linens and moved some paper christmas napkins to a more appropriate place in the cabinet in the laundry room, where my other paper napkins reside.

Okay – so I took Sunday “off” from decluttering.  I was still very productive though.  I power-washed my driveway.  That took me a good 3 hours, and it looks great!  Of course then I had to get cleaned up and ready for the Super-bowl.  I will get back to decluttering Monday.

Day 32 – Dining Room Buffet

I have a large dining room buffet cabinet that really needs some de-cluttering work.

This is what I took out of one cabinet area

DSCN3847What was this Christmas stuff – candles, cookie tins, and a candle holder – doing in there? ?  Well, you can’t put candles in the attic in Houston… they will MELT;  and we don’t have basements, they flood when it rains. That said, I obviously haven’t used them, so why keep them??  Okay – here is my plan;  keep the star candles for the national holidays (Groundhog day (tomorrow!!), Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day)… But wait… where will I store them??  Maybe they will take a spin on ebay and then off to the resale shop…

This is what the de-cluttered buffet cabinet looks like now