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More Guest Room Cleaning

Back to the guest bedroom and the bottom part of the china cabinet





What was in there ?  Well, the box on the top shelf was filled with miscellaneous sewing stuff.  The material items – table clothes.  I will go through all this and decide what to do with it, and of course, re-organize what I keep.

The box on the bottom – old costume jewelry.  That will be sorted through and put up for sale on ebay/craigslist or in an upcoming garage sale.  What doesn’t sell will be donated. 🙂

Pictures?  Yes, a few pictures – a couple of my nieces when they were really little, and a couple of art pieces that I need to decide if I want to keep (and if so, where to display them).


China Cabinet Drawer

Anyone in need of some cable?

DSCN3929This stuff has been residing in this drawer for at least 15 years (since I moved here).  Time to get rid of it and off to the recycle it goes!  The wine bottle toppers will be placed on ebay, and the rest of the stuff – old, old papers – into the recycle bin they go!

DSCN3932Mmmm, what to do with this empty drawer?

DSCN3935Color coded ribbon storage drawer!  🙂  This ribbon was in a large plastic storage container that is now being used for (wait for it….) – Christmas decoration storage!

Day 23 – Gadget Drawer 4…

I left this one for last (of the 4 gadget drawers) for a reason… because I think it is the biggest mess. It also probably has the most items that I will be purging (via ebay or donation) out of the 4 drawers I started cleaning out a couple days ago.



There is a plastic mesh thing you put around bottles in there, several decorative wine bottle cork tops ( I know those will go), cookie sticks, just to name a few of the things I know I will be purging from this drawer.

Some things that I will keep, just need to be put in their proper place like the  cookie/pastry cutters that belong in the cookie cutter tin(s) (more on those later…) and the pastry bags with tips.

Like the rest of the drawers, this one was dinged up inside, so I took the time to paint it before organizing the items going back into the drawer, so it took me a bit longer than originally anticipated, but I am glad that I did it.



The scissors and the garlic press are from a different drawer; yes, I know, 5 pairs of scissors?  yep… 🙂

Day 22 – Gadeget Drawer #3

They say it takes a minimum of 30 days for something that you do to become a habit.  I sure understand that!  When I took on this endeavor to de-clutter the house I was “gun-ho!”.  Now it seems that each day it is a little bit harder.  Which is why, when I started, my goal was to clean-out one drawer/area of a closet/cabinet a day.  I know that I can do that, and that it wouldn’t take me hours to complete.  Unfortunately, like many things, I got so gun-ho about it, I started taking on more than one area a day (like yesterday – 4 very messy drawers? What was I thinking!!).

So, I am slowing my cleaning process down a bit, and getting myself back to addressing the mess in one area (drawer, cabinet, area of a closet) a day.  This may end up taking me the full 365 days to get through the house and do a good job of de-cluttering, but slow and steady and I feel I will be certain to keep everything nice and neat going forward.

So, here is a (repeat) of the drawer that I am going to clean out today


Just looking at this picture I see some things I know I will be getting rid of (that aqua citrus juicer, for one), and some things that need to be put in their proper place (mixer whisks that belong in the mixer boxes with the appliance).

Here is the cleansed drawer


Day 21 Continued…

Well, I didn’t get to all 4 drawers.  I had a feeling I “bit off more than I could chew” today.   Realization of this was when I dropped one of the small drawers (empty, thank goodness!) and it broke into 5 pieces.  What a MESS!  Bottom, sides, front, back.  UGH!!  After some trial and error, and then settling down and giving it some appropriate thought, I found some small nails in the garage, got out the Elmers all purpose glue, and went about rebuilding the drawer, one piece at a time, leaving them so the glue would dry and adhere before moving on to the next piece.  Whew!  I thought I was going to have to make a trip to Home Depot or Lowes in search of a replacement!

Here are the two cleansed drawers I finished today



I didn’t get any dividers for these drawers (yet), but I did paint the bottoms; and put the non-skid drawer liner stuff in them so at least everything will stay in one place when the drawers are opened/closed.

I also got rid of quite a bit of old stuff that I had in these drawers that I don’t use.  Some things were put into other drawers.  I found more kitchen knives (besides the pairing knives in the drawer above), I only kept 3 of them, and put them in the silverware drawer, nice a neat.  🙂

Tomorrow I plan to tackle one of the larger drawers with the last one is “scheduled” for cleansing on Wednesday.

Day 21 – How Many Kitchen Gadgets Does One Need?

I work with the stock market, and since it is closed today, I plan on spending my day decluttering a few kitchen drawers and starting (and hopefully finishing) several sewing projects for donations to our church’s support of pregnant women in need; after watching the president’s second inauguration.

But I digress – I apparently need a minimum of 4 drawers worth of kitchen gadgets, plus a separate counter-top vase full of wooden spoons, spatulas, and ladles…

I will qualify the 4 drawer minimum with the fact that 2 of the drawers are “small”; the same size as the pencil and junk drawer in the last two posts.  I am wondering if I could renovate these two drawers – cut the divider piece in-between them and make it one BIG drawer – that would also add another 3 – 4″ of drawer space.

I also need to come up with a better organization plan for these drawers – a custom divider possibly, to keep like items together and stop all the stuff from sliding around in the drawer every time they are opened and closed.

Here are the before pictures:


This drawer contains mostly things for chopping, grating, slicing; along with therastats, and a few other miscellaneous gadgets


Primarily my “baking gadget” drawer, measuring spoons, cups, whisks, a pineapple cutter, potato masher, lemon/lime juicer, small sieve, several funnels, a large infuser ball are amont the items in this drawer. I really try hard to keep this one as organized as possible.


spatulas, pairing knives, peelers, hide in this drawer


Lots of miscellaneous gadgets in this drawer, an herb chopper, ice cream scoop and wooden potato masher (those were my grandmothers), pastry brushes, manual can openers, kitchen scissors and more…

Time to watch President Obama’s second inauguration, then back to cleansing these drawers – look for the update later today.

Day 20 – Another Junk Drawer

I got to tell you – posting these before pictures is really hard – admitting that I allowed my cabinets, drawers, closets, etc. accumulate so much stuff (aka junk), and to add lack of organization to that, really is embarrassing.  At least I can take solice in the fact that I am doing something about it  and really getting things in better order and purging my house of all this clutter.  It really is “freeing” in a sense, to get rid of so much of this stuff that is just taking up space.

Here is what today’s drawer looked like – pre-cleanse:


Hard to see what was in there – lots of papers – a bunch of old lottery tickets, because you know, if you win that hundreds of millions dollar lottery, you need to have proof of your gambling losses in order to deduct them from your winnings… HA!  A couple boxes of checks and deposit slips, several boxes of playing cards, more headphones from Continenal flights, a bunch of books/boxes of  matches, just to name of few of the things lurking in this drawer.

Here is the post-cleanse drawer:


Much better!